DV Original

The DV Originals collection are shortfill versions of Decadent Vapours’ most popular premixed e-liquid flavours. These flavours originally came on the scene back in 2009 as part of Decadent Vapours’ UK e-liquid launch. These shortfill versions of the most popular premixed flavours provide you with the same distinctive Decadent Vapours quality, in larger bottle sizes.

We give you the option to purchase 50ml nicotine-free or add on a 1.8% (18mg) nic shot (in a separate 10ml bottle) to achieve a 3mg strength when mixed at no extra cost.

A decade of Decadent Vapours

To celebrate a decade of Decadent Vapours we launched DV Originals in 2019. The flavours chosen for this collection of shortfills are the pioneering flavours that took Decadent Vapours global and made them the award-winning e-liquid manufacturer they are today.

About the DV Original Collection of E-Liquid

All DV Originals have high VG ratio which suits both the mouth-to-lung vaper and the direct-to-lung vaper (find out the difference between the two here). This base is ideal for balancing flavour with vapour production.

You can vape the DV Originals collection straight away and there is no need to steep. Some DV fans, however, like to wait for the flavour to mature some more, sometimes up to 3 weeks.

These shortfills contain 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, allowing room for a 10ml nic shot of your choice should you require it. We give you the option to purchase 50ml alone or add on a 1.8% (18mg) nic shot at no extra cost. When the 10ml nic shot is added to 50ml of e-liquid it produces a 3mg strength e-liquid.

As with all e-liquid produced by Decadent Vapours, the DV Originals collection is batch tested to ensure their safety. They are 100% free from Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, DEG and other contaminants.