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About DV Original

Crafting Excellence in E-Liquids

The Excellence of Decadence

At DV Original, we are committed to excellence in every puff. Our journey began in 2009 when we became the first e-liquid manufacturer in the UK. Since then, our unwavering dedication to quality, flavour, and safety has set us apart as a leader in the industry. We’ve taken the art of crafting e-liquids to new heights.

Formerly Known as Decadent Vapours

DV Original, formerly known as Decadent Vapours, is thrilled to introduce our rebrand, reflecting our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality e-liquids to our customers. This marks a new chapter in our company’s journey as we establish ourselves as a mature, sophisticated brand that upholds the values we’ve held since our inception in 2009.

DV Original embodies our vision of creating original, innovative, and high-quality e-liquids designed to provide the best possible vaping experience. Our new direction emphasises:

  • Quality: We’re updating our branding to reflect our unwavering commitment to quality, flavour, and safety.
  • Innovation: Our rebrand enables us to build on our success and continue leading the e-liquid industry.
  • Collaboration: We remain committed to delivering exceptional results and effective collaboration with our customers, whether retail or wholesale; exceeding their expectations.

The Original Pioneers

As the UK’s first e-liquid manufacturer, DV Original is passionate about creating the finest e-liquids on the market. Our commitment to quality, flavour, and safety is evident in every bottle. With a vast array of flavours and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we’re dedicated to providing the best vaping experience.

Since 2009, we’ve been at the forefront of the e-liquid industry, continually innovating and perfecting our craft. From our state-of-the-art production facility to our expert team of flavourists, every aspect of our operation is designed to deliver exceptional, tantalisng flavour in every bottle.

The Pinnacle of Tobacco Flavours

Our tobacco flavours are the gold standard, regarded as some of the finest in the world. We take the time to perfect them, steeping them for a month in PG and triple-filtering to eliminate undesirable compounds. This meticulous process results in a true tobacco flavour of unsurpassed quality. Just like fine wine, our flavours evolve subtly from year to year, reflecting seasonal variations in harvests.

Pioneers in Safety

DV Original is synonymous with safety. We were the first company globally to test for acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, and DEG. None of our flavours contain these harmful substances. Every flavour we create is designed specifically for e-liquids, ensuring the highest standards of safety. Our flavour concentrates are so exceptional that they are trusted by leading e-liquid brands worldwide.

Premium Ingredients

Not all nicotine is created equal, and we only settle for the best. Our nicotine is sourced from the highest quality ingredients, complying with USP and EP specifications. Through our proprietary 13-step process, we craft the purest and cleanest nicotine, completely devoid of any ‘peppery’ taste. We challenge you to compare, and if you don’t find our nicotine the cleanest and most taste-neutral, we’ll refund your money.

Purest Menthol

Our menthol is unmatched in purity, crafted using 100% menthol crystals. You won’t find a cleaner, more intense menthol on the market. All our e-liquids are meticulously produced in an ISO-7 laboratory, guaranteeing absolute purity.

Our Commitment to Quality

  • Founded in 2009, we were the pioneers of e-liquid manufacturing in the UK.
  • Our flavours are meticulously formulated for e-liquids and rigorously tested.
  • Many bulk customers attest to our flavours consistently passing the cleanest tests.
  • Our flavour concentrates are trusted by leading e-liquid brands worldwide.
  • We only use the highest quality ingredients, including pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, PG, and VG diluent, all compliant with USP and EP specifications.
  • Stringent batch control ensures traceability and quality in every bottle.
  • All our e-liquids are ultra-low in non-volatiles and free from acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, and DEG.
  • We’ve always been TPD-compliant.

Wholesale and OEM Solutions

Our industry-renowned e-liquids are available for vape shops, online retailers, and in bulk sizes for e-liquid manufacturers seeking to benefit from DV Original’s expertise. We also offer OEM and white-label e-liquids, providing a turnkey solution for your vape brand. Our expert flavourists and designers will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Industry-Leading Since 2009

DV Original continues to set the standard for excellence in e-liquids. Our journey began in 2009, and our dedication to quality and innovation has only grown stronger. Join us in experiencing the ultimate vaping experience with DV Original.

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