Our premixed e-liquid range is ready-to-vape and is available in nicotine strengths from 0mg (nicotine free e-liquid) to 18mg. We pride ourselves on safety and quality, frequently batch-testing our e-liquid to guarantee that it is the best on the market and producing consistently delicious flavours which have won numerous awards.

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What is Premixed E-Liquid?

Premixed e-liquid or vape juice is ready-to-use liquid that can go straight into your vaping device. This e-liquid is then heated by the element in your e-cig until it produces a vapour that you inhale. E-Cigarettes and e-liquid are solely for use by those looking to switch from smoking to an alternative that the NHS states are 95% less harmful than ‘traditional’ cigarettes.

Premixed e-liquid can contain nicotine up to 18mg, but can also be nicotine-free. This supports vapers who have made the switch from ‘traditional’ cigarettes and wish to lower their nicotine intake down to zero.

Decadent Vapours have a huge selection of premixed e-liquid flavours available to suit everybody’s taste, each one unique and mixed with love by our master flavologists.

We are leaders in safety, being the first UK e-liquid manufacturer to test for impurities and we continue to batch-test our e-liquid to ensure we produce the best quality e-liquid on the market. All Decadent Vapours e-liquid is TPD compliant and due to regulations can only come in 10ml bottles.

Premixed E-Liquid Flavours

Decadent Vapours have a huge e-liquid flavour range which includes tobacco, menthol, fruit, beverage, dessert and sweet flavours. Most new vapers making the switch from cigarettes will choose a tobacco flavour to begin, but many find themselves migrating to other flavours over time which not only keeps the taste-buds active but makes it far less likely for them to go back to smoking nasty-tasting toxic cigarettes as the taste would be too unpleasant.

Our tobacco e-liquid flavours are credited with having the closest real-tobacco taste out of any other e-liquid brand, and that is down to our unique triple-filter and steeping process. Like a fine wine, due to seasonal variations in harvests, there are subtle variations in flavour from year-to-year.

Don’t be afraid to mix these premixed e-liquid flavours together to come up with your own delicious flavour. An example would be mixing some Creme Anglaise in with Froot Bomb to create a creamy-fruit flavour.

Premixed E-Liquid Ratios

The Decadent Vapours e-liquid range contains an equal amount of PG to VG (50/50 ratio), whereas the Djinni e-liquid range has a slightly higher PG base (60/40 ratio). We find both ratios suit the majority of vapers, providing full-flavour and a smooth draw, the e-liquid also works well in both standard and sub-ohm devices. If you are confused about what these ratios mean, take a look at our blog post on the difference between PG and VG.

If you would favour a different PG/VG ratio to the ones on offer here, then try our Shake & Vape kit where you can customise the ratio to your own personal preference.