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A vaping classic and made from the finest European Tobacco Absolute, our Tobacco E-liquid a truly authentic tobacco flavour, woody, sweet, rich with treacle notes -just like rolling tobacco.

As well as being a mainstay for tobacco fans since 2009, this well-rounded, familiar flavour is a good place to start when making the switch from smoking to vaping.

“You can definitely taste the sweetness in this and it actually puts me in mind of a cigarette brand” Vaping with Vic

“This is one for the new vapers.” Vaping with Vic

Also available as a Flavour Concentrate.

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PG50 / VG50

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4 reviews for Tobacco

  1. Rob Aston (verified owner)

    Beautifully smooth liquid! I thought American Red was my favourite but I think it might have been surpassed by this. Will definitely be ordering A LOT of this in the future! Superb.

  2. sKEptIc (verified owner)

    This has been my only all-day vape for 10 years and nothing beats it.
    Unfortunately it has changed. No Oak/smokey flavour it has lost the “smokey” component and b atches are either like water or Strawberry! So I just get the concentrate and make my own which never did have tht Oak smokey component.
    I would recommend the pre-mixed IF it was like the one from a few year’s ago.
    QA/QC need a kick.

  3. mgu1 (verified owner)

    Love this juice but in the last year or 2 some batches have weird sweetness added. Seems to be when they’re packaged with darker orange lids too. I’m almost scared to place a big order in case they all arrive like that.

  4. lynne_garner (verified owner)

    Great flavour – this is the only one for me!

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