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Gold review by Niki from RY4 Radio

Nicki has tried a few E-liquids in her time! Every week she hosts an e-liquid review show called: ‘Niki’s Juicy Bits’ on RY4 Radio.

Here’s what she thought of Gold:

“The gold bottle is a lovely touch. Very classy. The main aroma when I first opened it is the biscuity wafer coming through. Before tasting it my first thoughts were oh no not another cheesecake! It wasn’t until I tasted it that I realised what it was supposed to be. The words ‘Ferrero Rocher’ spring to mind.

You get the flavour of the luxurious chocolate, the crispy wafer and the hazelnuts at just the right moments and in the right proportions. The chocolate flavour is excellent with that kind of melt in the mouth appeal. I don’t usually enjoy many chocolate vape flavours but have to admit that this one is perfect.

I couldn’t vape it all day but only in the same way that I couldn’t eat Ferrero Rocher chocolates all day. It’s rich, creamy, delicious and smooth and ideal for a special treat for sweet cravings. I can almost imagine the anticipation of unwrapping the gold foil and then biting into the cripsy wafer and chocolate ball and the sigh of pleasure as the chocolaty cream inside just melts on the tongue.

The juice definitely achieves what it set out to do.  (9 out of 10 – only knocked a point off cause I couldn’t possibly vape it all day without feeling guilty!)”

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