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Fully TPD compliant & tested

Our E-Liquids Are TPD Compliant

TPD – Tested, Proven, Done!


You may have heard whisperings in the press about something called the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). In a rather large nutshell, this means that if EU companies wish to continue manufacturing e-liquids post-November 20th 2016, they have to put them all through a rigorous programme of testing (and pay lots of lolly for the privilege!)

Seeing as DV have always tested their liquids through third-party laboratories this wasn’t an issue and, as expected, we passed with flying colours – hurrah!

We knew ahead of time that we would eventually have to say goodbye to 15 and 30ml pre-mixed bottles, as they are now deemed non-compliant for the TPD, (although we can legally sell them up to May 2017) but apart from that, we have made it to the other side, tired but unscathed – we are officially 100% TPD compliant –  hip hip!

So, what does this mean for me we hear you ponder… Well:

  • You can vape easily in the knowledge that you are vaping 100% TPD compliant e-liquids
  • Your favourite DV e-liquids will taste exactly as they did before as, unlike some companies, we didn’t need to amend any of ours in order to comply.
  • Flavour concentrates remain unaffected by the TPD and you can continue to purchase them in 50 and 100ml bottles.
  • It’s business as usual at DV with more exciting times ahead, we even have some new flavours in the pipeline!

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