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At Decadent Vapours, we’re proud to offer our customers a wide range of mixers. E-liquid mixers can ‘mix up’ your e-liquid, and just a few drops of these highly concentrated flavours can radically change your e-liquid flavour. 

If you’re new to creating e-liquid at home, it may seem like a daunting task; however, once you understand the fundamental principles, you’ll quickly be able to mix up a batch uniquely crafted to your tastes. You can create some beautiful flavours using our range of mixers. You can make it sweet, creamy, minty, sour, and more. 

Let’s look at our different mixers and their flavours.

Supa Sourz Mixer

Supa Sourz will give you a tangy, sour flavour and will fizz up your vape. Those who like a sour taste will love this mixer and can turn their recipe into a tangy delight with just a single drop per 10ml. 

Icicle Drops Mixer

Icicle Drops are delicious and refreshing without the minty hit, and we like to think of them like adding ice cubes to your drink on a hot day. They give a bracing icy blast, and we suggest starting with one drop per 10ml of e-liquid. You can always add more. 

Sweetener Mixer

Our Sweetener Mixer is a perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth. We recommend starting with between one and three drops per 10ml of e-liquid and letting this soften sharp notes and add a rich, comforting sweetness. Think of it like a spoonful of white sugar in your tea, giving you a quick sugar hit. 

Cream Mixer

Enjoy a smooth, creamy taste with this delicious Cream Mixer. This mixer is ideal for adding a silky smoothness to your concoctions, and we recommend adding two to four drops per 10ml of e-liquid. 

Brown Sugar Mixer

This gorgeous Brown Sugar Mixer reminds us of baked, caramelised sugar on the top of apple pie, and just a dash of this in your DIY e-liquid recipe will add a deep, delicious sweetness to your creation. We recommend adding one to three drops per 10ml. 

Menthol Mixer

Our Menthol Mixer gives your e-liquids or DIY vape juice concoctions a refreshing, minty taste. With this minty flavour, a little drop of this goes a long way, so we recommend starting with just one drop per 10ml of e-liquid. 

From the icy cold Icicle Drops to the lip-gripping Supa Sourz, you can now adjust your DIY juice or twist it with a selection of mixers. You can find them all by clicking here and then shopping online at your leisure. We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25 and free EU delivery on all orders over £75. If you’d like to know more about DIY e-liquid mixing and flavour concentrates, read our comprehensive guide, which will tell you everything you need to know to get started. 

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