The Mixing Connoisseur Collection

Decadent Vapour’s DIY e-liquid supplies have been specially chosen and created by our master mixologists for all you wonderful flavour alchemists! Our comprehensive range of concentrates, diluent and nicotine illustrates our commitment to mixing connoisseurs and their requirements. We currently have over 100 flavour concentrates – each of which has been created with care to ensure you are using the very finest ingredients. All of our flavours are based in PG and have been third-party tested for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. Our diluent comes in 100ml bottles with a choice of AG, PG, VG or 50/50 PG/VG. Our nicotine comes in 9mg or 18mg in the three different bases.

The World of DIY E-Liquid Mixing

It’s often a natural progression to start concocting your own e-liquid flavours, and here at Decadent Vapours, we have everything you need to start you on your DIY e-liquid journey. Correctly mixing e-liquid flavouring and diluent together is all you need to begin a voyage of discovery and wonder. Our DIY e-liquid range contains the finest pharmaceutical grade diluents and top quality nicotine liquid to create a smooth and consistent flavour. All of our DIY supplies are made and bottled here in the UK, and we offer worldwide delivery.

Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our guide on DIY E-Liquid Mixing & Flavour Concentrates which has a handy reference table for mixing to your desired strength.

Fabulous Flavour Concentrates for DIY E-Liquid

With over 100 premium e-liquid flavour concentrates to choose from, there are endless mixing recipes you could follow. 

Decadent Vapours concentrates are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and tested to ensure they are free from impurities such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl & DEG so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best.

Bulk DIY e-liquid supplies are on offer such as flavour concentrates in bottle sizes up to 100ml, giving you the opportunity to save on larger purchases. DIY flavour concentrates come in a huge range of flavour types including sweet, fruit, dessert, menthol, tobacco and beverage. Easily sort the flavour type using the filter at the top of the concentrates page.

Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine for DIY E-Liquid

All out nic shots are crafted in a unique propriety 13-step process to produce the purest and cleanest nicotine on the market. The nic shots are filtered, titrated and diluted from 100% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine, preventing the typical ‘peppery’ taste you get with other brands.

The Finest Diluent for DIY E-Liquid Mixing

Diluent is a key supply for DIY e-liquid mixing. The unflavoured base helps to carry the flavour of the e-liquid and dilutes nicotine, therefore it is important you choose a quality base to maximise flavour production. 

Decadent Vapours supply PG, VG, AG and combination diluent which are of the highest quality and manufactured using pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Add a Twist to Your DIY E-Liquid Creation

We supply a selection of mixers which can turn you DIY e-liquid creation into an explosion of sensations for tastebuds. From the icy cold Icicle Drops to the lip-gripping Super Sourz, there is a mixer for each taste preference. 

Accessories for the DIY E-Liquid Maker

When creating your DIY e-liquid, you need the best quality bottles that won’t tarnish the taste of the juice and prevent it from degrading when it is exposed to light. That is why we only stock PE and PET bottles which do not break down in mild heat and are slightly opaque to filter out harmful rays of light.

To get accurate measurements when DIY e-liquid mixing, we supply blunt needle syringes that allow to you easily and precisely measure the ingredients you need. Labels are also available which are handy for keeping track of your e-liquid creations, like keeping a note on the PG/VG content and flavour.